If you’re new to vaping, then you’re in for a real treat. Vape juice has a lot of different flavors you can try from different companies. Vape juice also has different nicotine levels within it. Your first hit may send you into a coughing frenzy, but once you get over that it should be more enjoyable.

Vape Stores

Giving up cigarettes is a hard thing to do and if you’re looking for a way out, then vaping can wing you off. You can bring a half pack of cigarettes to your local vape store to turn them in and get a free vape. They say one mod filled with vape juice equals to be one pack of cigarettes, which will last longer saving you money as well.

But if you’ve never smoked cigarettes you can start with a starter kit. Starter kits can vary, as far as, what comes with it. Some kits come with vape pens with 5-Volt automatic battery and vape pens may last up to 13 hours fully charged. Comes with a microchip so that every puff hits the spot. You may have to buy your juice in some cases starting. Your local vape store may even allow you to taste test different flavors until you find the one that’s right for you.

Vape Juice

There are so many different juice flavors it’s hard to make a choice considering it’s your first time. But once you come across a flavor you like, then you will buy it all the time. Here are some flavors that are popular for vape smokers.


Warm apple pie with a mix of caramelized apples with hints of cinnamon and that crusty crust flavor that blends well together. The nicotine level is from omg, 3mg to 6mg

Mango Creamsicle

Mango sherbert blended with sweet creamsicle that gives you that yummy taste with every puff. Nicotine levels 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.


Tangomelon- Tangerines, melons, and mango mixed into a perfect blend. This juice (https://cloudridevapor.com/)literally can’t stay on the shelves because the taste is out of this world. Nicotine levels 0mg,3mg,and 6mg.


Blueberry pie that burst with flavor with every puff. Made with ripe blueberries from premium e-juice lines. Nicotine level 4mg to 34mg.

Just naming a few of the many e-juices that’s out there. Besides fruits and desserts flavors there are also menthol and mint, tobacco, cereals, candies and many many more.

Vape Mods

Mods come in different sizes and designs so it would not be a problem to find a mod that’s your style. Now a vape mod is a mechanical device that doesn’t have any circuity and but a push of a button will physically connect with the battery and coil causing it to heat up. A mod is also bigger than a vape pen giving you more flavor and more smoke.

Whichever mod you end up getting, make sure you lube your coil with the e-juice before you start taking puffs. That’s a trick to use to prevent your coil from burning out fast. If you just simply put your mod together without lubing your coil, then it can burn out with the first couple of hits. Some mods can be very sensitive mystical devices because if you make a mistake and drop it, it might stop working for a while. It may stop charging one second and then the next second it will charge for you. That’s where the mystery come in at. So make sure you handle your vape mods with care.

Accessories For Vapes

Although you may handle your vape mod with care, you may need to replace things from time to time. Everyone knows things don’t last forever. Your charger may stop working or you may need new coils. The new charger should be the same one you had before. A different charger will damage the charger port. You also need to use the same type coils for your mod as well. So you can browse all your accessories online or you can go back to the original store where you brought your mod from.

Some vape stores sell the coils individually or some sell by the pack. Another thing to be aware of is that sometimes coils can be a dud right from the start. Even if you were to lube it well it will burn at after a few puffs. There’s no refund on that, so be prepared to take that as a loss.


Get ready to enjoy the yummy flavors of vape juices. This will be a great experience for new vapers and those that want to quit smoking cigarettes. Once you start vaping you’re never going to want a cigarette ever again. Don’t forget you can browse online or visit the nearest vape store near you.

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