The most convenient and “cool” speakers nowadays are of the wireless kind. And the small portable ones that use Bluetooth to connect to your phone are most popular. But convenience only valid if your speakers can play music well. This is something that people can forget.

And part of playing music well is to create sufficient volume. Even if you don’t use it all the time, you still want the speakers to have enough headroom/reserve. This benefits both the ambience of the sound and the bass. Speakers that are playing at their loudest loose sound quality.

This happens because as the volume increases, so does the movement of the speaker cone. When the speakerc one is moving near the extremes of it’s range then the suspension starts to add more and more influence and the electromagnetic motor is no longer perfectly linear. All this means that the quality of sound is reduced.

So if you want to play music well (and loud) then you need some powerful and efficient speakers. These are the five we like most. The order does not represent the maximum sound volume. It represents the speaker we thought of first, second and so forth.

The Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3XL

This is one of the loudest Bluetooth speakers in the market. It is a portable Bluetooth speaker all right, and yet it effortlessly fills a ballroom with great big sound. Honestly, you would not think that the sound is coming from this small device which is only 11.5 inches long. The secret is the speaker’s two huge 2.75″ precision drivers and two tweeters that have been uniquely designed for this model.  Together,  these elements deliver precision  mids, hear-a-pin-drop highs, and concert-hall quality vocals. To deliver rich bass, this model has three passive subwoofers that triangulate perfectly in any location.

Anker Premium Stereo

For big sound, another candidate is the Anker Premium Stereo. Frankly, however, it is not as powerful as the Cambridge brand.  But fair enough, since this Anker Bluetooth speaker is less than a fourth of the cost of the Cambridge. So clearly at this price range, you cannot really ask for too much. Still, the Anker makes up for its limitations. For example, it delivers perfect lows and tolerable highs. The only problem you are likely to encounter when it comes to sound quality is the mids, which are perfect sounding until you get too close by say, a few inches.

The G-Project G-BOOM

The G-Project G-BOOM is another candidate for the loudest Bluetooth speakers,  and it definitely looks the part. At first glance, it resembles the toolkit of a bomb squad. At less than half the price of the Cambridge, it is loud as an explosion, particularly at the bass level. So you get unlimited bass for less. The unit also has four drivers, which consist of two tweeters and two woofers. In addition, dual bass ports can be found on the back. You want loud, you got it. Just do not expect too much as far as sound quality is concerned. If price is what is most important to you, this is clearly what you came for.

VAVA Voom Premium Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Now, what about the VAVA Voom Premium Portable Bluetooth Speaker? The fourth gang member of the loudest Bluetooth speakers in town specializes in surround sound. It corners its niche market with a $200 price tag. The VAVA black sheep color scheme seals the deal with its matching  20W surround sound and heart-stopping bass. Two 5W drivers, one 10W subwoofer, and two passive radiators complete the package. With such a lethal combination of sound technology, many online reviewers have caved in to raise their glass for this black sheep.

Jawbone Jambox

And last, but not the least, the Jawbone Jambox is worthy of consideration in the sound department. Compared to the black sheep, the Jawbone uses the black box approach. It boasts of two extremely powerful acoustic speakers. Also, it uses a patented dome-shaped sound spectrum that mimics the prism in sound distribution.

So there you have it, the loudest five Bluetooth speakers available right now.
With their Bluetooth advantage, you can take these boxes with you anywhere you like. At 30 feet, they all deliver the same connectivity. In their own respective ways, they are all worthy competitors for big sound. Just make sure you do not get them too wet at pool parties unless you want them to unleash their inner Gremlin.